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How to Pioneer : (Even If You Haven't a Clue) pdf
How to Pioneer : (Even If You Haven't a Clue) pdf

David Male,: How to Pioneer : (Even If You Haven't a Clue)

How to Pioneer : (Even If You Haven't a Clue)


Small new Christian communities created by pioneer ministers, both lay and ordained, are popping up everywhere - on housing estates, in community centres, schools, cafes, among different age groups and in numerous other contexts beyond the local church. This practical book is for all who are engaged in this form of ministry and it begins by identifying some basic principles from a wide variety of creative examples of pioneer ministry. Illustrated with actual examples throughout, it explores * how to 'listen' to the physical, social and spiritual environment of a local context * how to discern a community's needs and the appropriate missional response * how to build a creative team * the art of the start - how to begin well * how to build relationships and create community by acts of authentic love * how to become and stay Jesus-centred * how to live and tell the gospel in meaningful ways * how to grow disciples * how to stay fresh (and avoid rotas!)

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Author: David Male,
Number of Pages: 128 pages
Published Date: 30 Nov 2016
Publication Country: London, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9781781400012
Download Link: Click Here


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